Featured Projects

115 Grains

Writer / Feature / Dramatic Thriller / Kiaro Pictures

A police officer struggling with PTSD undergoes radical hypnotherapy to save his career and his family, sending him into his own memories to understand his trauma, but his subconscious fights him every step of the way.

Mind Heist

Writer / Feature / Thriller / Kiaro Pictures

After being injured during a major heist, a jewel thief awakens at a safe house with no memory and must learn her identity, but she has to decide whether to believe the man claiming to be her husband or the hostage she’s forbidden to speak to.

Tomb Raider: Voice from Beyond

Writer, Director / Short / Adventure / Fan Film

After a sorcerer steals an artifact and kidnaps Lara Croft’s friend, Lara must act quickly to stop an arcane ritual, but she finds herself outmatched and must help her friend help herself. A fan short with over 175,000 views and multiple festival selections.

More Produced Projects

The Intersection of Madness (feature) / Co-writer
Horror – Kiaro Pictures

Pleasure of the Hunt / Writer, Director, Editor
Neo-noir fantasy – Story Untold Media

MIAO (TV pilot) / Co-writer
Action – Kiaro Pictures

Dry Run / Writer, Director
Comedy – LA Film & Reel Club

Project Sign / Writer, Director, DP
Sci-fi mystery – NickTek Productions

Playing the Field / Writer, Director
Dramedy – 48 Hour Film Project

The Last Job / Writer, 1st AD
Comedy – 48 Hour Film Project

Personal Property / Writer, 1st AD
Heist – 48 Hour Film Project

The Drexler Principle / Writer, Director
Sci-fi thriller – NickTek Productions

Absolution / Writer, Director
Neo-noir thriller – NickTek Productions

Letters to Eva / Co-writer
Drama – 48 Hour Film Project

Upsourced / Co-writer
Comedy – 48 Hour Film Project

More Fan Films

Star Wars: Sabers at Dawn / Co-writer, Director
Sci-fi action – Siren Studio

Raiders: Croft vs. Jones / Writer, Director
Adventure – Siren Studio


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